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New Year, New Manifestations

2020 has been one hell of a ride and I think I can say this for most of us, I’m so ready for a fresh start and a New Year. Something I love about a new year is writing down my goals and things I am manifesting for the year the come. This year, in particular, I feel especially motivated to reach my goals. I think 2020 has taught each of us something about ourselves. For me, it has shown me the importance of finding bliss in the little things, giving my energy to things that bring me pure happiness, learning that change is okay, and setting boundaries in order to be my best self. With that being said, I jotted down my 2021 Manifestations, and wanted to share them, in hopes that they may inspire someone else.

+ find happiness in the everyday I often get so caught up in work, stress, + daily to-do’s that I forget to take a moment to look around me and appreciate everything that I have. This is something that 2020 has taught me to do, and I am so grateful. I hope to carry this mentality into the coming year, because it has shown me what is most important in life.

+ read more Random, but I really want to get back into reading. Getting myself to sit down + relax is hard enough, because I am always go go go. But when I find a good book that I really like, I am always so happy that I sat down and read. Send any book recommendations my way, because I want to read at least one new book a month.

+ set clear boundaries This goes for relationships, work, self-care, everything. Remove anything from your life that does not support your growth and your happiness. Say “no” to anything that is not meant for you. If there is one thing I learned in the past year, it is this. Setting clear, healthy and intentional boundaries has truly allowed me to focus on what and who is most important in my life. It has allowed to to learn new things about myself, and be truly happy.

+ continue to prioritize health + wellness I have always enjoyed taking care of my body through a health and wellness routine, but during quarantine I prioritized this every single day. I created a schedule for my workouts, incorporated yoga & meditation more frequently into my routine, began journaling more, made sure to half a self-care day at least once a week, and incorporated nutrients into my diet that I was lacking. I have never felt healthier + stronger, and I want to continue this routine into 2021.

+ move into our home As I’ve mentioned, we purchased a home in the Fall of 2020. We start demo this month, and are taking on a complete remodel. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but we are so excited. I cannot wait to move into our new home, hopefully this year.

+ continue to grow In every sense. Career growth, personal growth, etc. Like I mentioned, this year has taught me that change is okay, and to only give my energy to things that bring me pure happiness. I’ve learned what doesn’t make me happy, what my passions are, and where I want to move towards. My goal is that I allow myself grow. I have been re-reading this quote lately, “Growth is uncomfortable because you’ve never been here before”.

I hope that these goals + manifestations bring you some inspiration, and know that you are capable of anything in this new year. I wish you all the best 2021!



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